Why Us?

With over five years in business we have gained deep insights into the ground realities clients face on a day-to-day basis.

We have had the benefit of learning, adapting and remodeling our processes to address these challenges better. Here’s why we believe you can count on us as a reliable business partner:

  • Proven experience with diverse clients
  • Multi-vertical focus
  • End-to-end staffing services
  • Solutions to offer you complete support in critical IT and non-IT processes
  • Significant cost advantage
  • A deep sense of stewardship in every client relationship
  • A values-driven business to ensure we earn the trust of all our business stakeholders


Smart IT Frame’s mission is to set new benchmarks of excellence in Talent management, IT and Business Support Services through an agile approach, customer-centric values, and efficient processes. With this level of service we aspire to enable businesses, empower people, leverage winning partnerships, and realize the potential of our staff for an empowered, diverse, equal opportunity oriented society.


Our Vision is to bridge the space between job opportunities and the right people, between organizations and their business goals, and create an eco-system of trusted relationships, collaboration and value creation in business and society.


We strive to live by three core values which help us navigate the complexities of the market and every unique business challenge we address:

Integrity – to be open, transparent and honest in every business interaction in a spirit of true partnership and collaboration

Excellence – to bring the best diverse people, resources and effort to everything we do and create value for businesses

Client-centricity – to be customer focused so that the services and solutions we deliver are relevant to each client’s unique context, and to treat all our stakeholders from employees, to candidates and business partners as we would treat customers


As an equal opportunity client, you are looking for discerning partners who can help you meet your diversity talent needs, increase your diversity investments and experience the increased effectiveness realized through diverse talent.

Smart IT Frame is an equal opportunity employer, business partner and supplier of talent geared to meet the needs of the diverse market focused on enabling equal opportunity, transparency, social equality and corporate best practices. Smart IT Frame works with a strong and diversity-driven panel of trusted partners and talent. Our in-depth understanding of diversity related corporate policies and mandates is bolstered by our own vision to create and foster a diverse workplace!