5 Hot IT Skills to Reboot Your Career

IT professionals, more than ever, are coping with the rapid pace of emerging technologies and the need to stay relevant and competitive.

If you are looking to shift gears or simply notch up your profile with new skills, here are some of the emerging trends here to stay for a while and picking up skills in these areas could bolster your career.

Between 2018 and 2019, employers in the United States were only able to fill six out of ten critical open positions in IT confirming a talent deficit especially in niche areas.

1.      Artificial Intelligence

Although it has been around for quite some time now, it’s still evolving and is radically impacting the way we interact with computers. In just the last four years, there has been a 74% increase in the hiring of AI specialists. Linkedin ranked this skill as number four among in-demand skills for 2020. In fact, it’s becoming almost the aspirational thing to do with your business processes and in one study more than 31% of businesses cited Artificial Intelligence as one of their focus areas in the next 12-months.

2.      Internet of Things (IoT)

This sector is rapidly growing, and still lacks the much-needed talent to fulfill the many specialist roles. With increasing security threats across connected devices, many countries are putting in place legislation to protect data security and this is an area within IoT which will continue to draw a lot of attention and in turn increase demand for talent. The average salary for a specialist in IoT is close $100k in the US. McKinsey & Company suggests that by 2025, IoT will have an economic impact of more than $11 trillion. No doubt here, this is a wagon you can safely jump onto.

3.      UI/UX Design

Whether it’s e-commerce or healthcare, banking applications or gaming, the customer’s experience of a brand depends to a large extent on how they can use, navigate and benefit from the digital interface of the brand with ease and simplicity. User Experience (UX) specialists research and test how users interact with the business’ online presence and digital interface. They work together with web developers and User Interface designers. In a survey conducted by Adobe, 87% of managers indicated that hiring good UI/UX specialists was a top priority. The relevance of UX is ubiquitous. And the need for great UI experts will continue to dominate the talent market.

4.      Mobile Development

The current world has more than 4 Billion smartphone users, more than half the entire world population. The number is increasing each year exponentially. The high number of smartphone users means that for companies to stay on top of the market, they need mobile apps, not just the websites. With mobile gaming app development shifting more into augmented reality, apps that engage with the real world are taking centerstage.

5.      Blockchain

In 2017 and 2018, the demand for blockchain engineers increased by 400%. And by an astounding 517% in 2019. It was originally developed for Bitcoin but has now evolved even further to cover a wider range of business processes to enable traceability and transparency.

Some of the key blockchain skills that could help you reboot your career include cryptography computing and database designing. Other in-demand skills relevant are the common programming languages including the more common JavaScript, Python, and Java as well as newer ones like Simplicity and Solidity. By 2030, Gartner estimates blockchain will boom into a more than $3.1 trillion industry. Linkedin has listed this as the most in-demand tech skill for 2020!

As an IT professional you have a variety of skills to choose from as you reinvent your skillset, and these five are seriously worth considering if you want to be right up there!


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